Friday, September 07, 2007

Koivu Claims Habs Won't Win Stanley Cup

... and you know what? Good for him. Of course by the next day management had spoken to him and told him to retract his statement and spin it like crazy so it doesn't sound so bad. (TSN article).

But in my mind, I like that he was open about it. I like his honesty in the situation. I mean, it's all well and good for a player on a team that isn't going to do well to come out and say, "We are going to give it everything we have, we think we have the talent to go a long way into the playoffs." But guess what? Try as they might they won't be going deep into anything other than their golf tee times.

A team not making the playoffs is not the same as a team not trying. All Koivu has to do is look at teams around him and see that only the Islanders and maybe New Jersey and Buffalo regressed from last year with the rest of the teams taking a step forward. Montreal wasn't a playoff team last year and they didn't really add anyone of consequence, so how does that add up to a playoff birth? Koivu looked at the situation and determined the team is the same and that means no playoffs. Does that mean he isn't going to give it his all every game? No. Does that mean that they can't pull some miracle out of their collective butts and over-achieve to make the playoffs? No. It just means that at this point he doesn't think Montreal can win it all, and really, who is going to argue?

Kudos to Koivu for coming out and saying it, maybe it'll shakeup management and get them to really try to build something useful.

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